First Elk Hunt in Wyoming

March 7, 2018

Erica Osbourne of Michigan recently entered our competition and sent in a great story of her first successful bull hunt, scoring 302 3/8 B&C. This is what North American Hunting Competition is all about. Thanks for sharing, Erica.

“My first elk! The first two days of my late season Wyoming elk hunt brought fresh snow, frigid temps and 40-50 mph winds. I was ecstatic about the fresh snow as that would bring the elk down the mountain onto the property I was hunting, but quickly learned that the high winds had the opposite effect. Luckily, on day three the winds died down and the elk began to move.


We spotted several herds, but none had come down the mountain far enough but were only 1000-1200 yards away by the time darkness came so I knew with a little luck, the next day could be very exciting.

I woke up for my final day of the hunt with a good feeling and couldn’t wait to see what the day would bring. We set out for the area we had seen the bulls the night before and within a half hour of glassing we spotted a bull! We quickly gathered our stuff and began the stalk and were able to get within 220 yards.

It didn’t take long to realize he would be a beautiful first bull for me and I got breathing under control while I waited for him to turn and give me a good opening through the brush. Two shots later, he was down and I couldn’t have been more proud of this bull!”