Big Game Hunting Competitions

Big Game Hunting Competitions are about fair chase and success. You trudge hills, ford streams, and spend hours in blinds, sometimes in the poorest of conditions. Often, your only reward is the experience. Sometimes, you emerge victorious, taking a trophy that leaves you beaming for weeks and with a memory to last a lifetime. Family and friends may appreciate your accomplishment, but what if you could showcase it to a larger community who shares your passion? North American Hunting Competition exists for just this reason, to celebrate and honor participation and achievement in hunting.

We are a premier hunting competition currently sponsoring big game competitions in 48 states and across North America. With individual contests for state, national, and guided categories, there are many opportunities to win. All hunting methods are welcome, and we rank all animals submitted by official entry—none is too small. The top three entries in any category will win year-end cash prizes* and be featured on our website. All entrants have the opportunity to win one of several other year end prizes, including free hunting gear and guided hunts.

Remember! We accept promotional video from guides and outfitters too. It’s an easy, effective and inexpensive way to showcase your skill and achievements to North American’s worldwide community.

2019 National Winners

National Big Game Competitions 2019

Tommy Mills – 1st Place

2019 National Antelope – 73 6/8

Russell Boers – 1st Place

2019 National Black Bear – 16 10/16

Jim Buck – 1st Place

2019 National Blacktail Deer – 103 2/8

Tannis Conroy – 1st Place

2019 National Elk – 348 0/8

Steve Huss – 1st Place

2019 National Whitetail – 156 2/8

Ted Netter – 1st Place

2019 National Muledeer – 166 0/8

Russell Boers – 2nd Place

2019 National Antelope – 71 3/8

Gary Nolden – 2nd Place

2019 National Elk – 327 1/8

Nikki Mills – 2nd Place

2019 National Whitetail – 128 0/8

Josh Hooley – 2nd Place

2019 National Muledeer – 151 2/8

Nikki Mills – 3rd Place

2019 National Antelope -65 1/8

Mike Dallman – 3rd Place

2019 National Whitetail – 120 5/8

Mike Dallman – 3rd Place

2019 National Muledeer – 141 4/8

Marcus Murray – 4th Place

2019 National Antelope – 58 6/8

2019 State Winners

Illinois Big Game Competitions 2019

Steve Huss – 1st Place

2019 Illinois Whitetail Non-Typical – 156 2/8

Iowa Big Game Competitions 2019

Gerald Dowell – 1st Place

2019 Iowa Whitetail – 147 5/8

Idaho Big Game Competitions 2019

Nate Brence – 1st Place

2019 Idaho Elk  –  292 7/8

Thane Teeter – 2nd Place

2019 Idaho Elk – 269 1/8

Minnesota Big Game Competitions 2019

Steve Huss – 1st Place

2019 Minnesota Whitetail – 144 2/8

Mike Dallman – 2nd Place

2019 Minnesota Whitetail – 120 5/8

Oregon Big Game Competitions 2019

Kelly Romo – 1st Place

2019 Oregon Blacktail Deer – 121 6/8

Ted Netter – 1st Place

2019 Oregon Muledeer – 166 0/8

Brandon Grant – 2nd Place

2019 Oregon Blacktail Deer – 67 3/8

Washington Big Game Competitions 2019

Jim Buck – 1st Place

2019 Washington Blacktail Deer – 103 2/8

Wyoming Big Game Competitions 2019

Nikki Mills – 1st Place

2019 Wyoming Whitetail Deer – 128 0/8

Marcus Murray – 1st Place

2019 Wyoming Muledeer – 126 0/8

Duane Mittlieder – 2nd Place

2019 Wyoming Whitetail Deer – 127 6/8

Outdoor Photo Competition

Have a great shot of an elk herd in the morning mist or a prized portrait of your dad with his first Whitetail buck? Share it with North American Hunting Competition’s worldwide audience and enter our photo competition! Beyond the opportunity to win prizes, you’ll enjoy recognition and appreciation from peer enthusiasts around the globe. We accept both amateur and professional photographs, and almost any outdoor content is welcome.

North American also invites entries from guides and outfitters—an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to highlight your achievements to our extensive community. Just submit a photo, add a title and brief description, then encourage everyone you know to vote you to victory.

Photo Competition 2019 Winners

Michael Bocanegra – 1st Place

“Ten Year Bear”

Russell Boers – 2nd Place

“Spring In Idaho. Saving Elk Calves & Deer Fawns!”

Ashley Simpson – 3rd Place

“Deer Hunting”

North American Hunting Photo Contest Winner

Trisha Thomas – 4th Place

“Cougar VS Cougar”

Photo Competition 2018 Winners

Hunting Photo Competition Winner 2018

Tim Michaelson – 1st Place

Record Bear Clatsop County Oregon

National Hunting Photo Contest Winner 2019

Don Sieverkropp – 2nd Place

What Dreams Are Made Of

Amy Lloyd – 3rd Place

Best Lady On The Block

Lawrance Tucker – 4th Place

Lifetime’s Wait For A Trophy – Red Stag South Island, New Zealand

Photo Competition 2017 Winners

Missy McVay – 1st Place

Shot of a Lifetime!

Tony Butkovich – 2nd Place

Breaker Dory In Action In Pacific City, Oregon

Lawrance Tucker – 3rd Place Place

Huge New Zealand Pure Roosevelt Bull 420+

Tara Lea – 4th Place Place

First Bedded Buck!!

Photo Competition 2016 Winners

Shane Barbour – 1st Place Place

Monster Washington Rosie

Hunting Photo Competition

Carol Jansen – 2nd Place Place

Hat Point Mt. Goat Hunt

Robert Burden – 3rd Place

Amen Bull

Tara Lea – 4th Place Place

He’s a Keeper

Photo Competition 2015 Winners

Kevin Farron – 1st Place Place

Frosty Morning Duck Hunt

Callahan McRobbie – 2nd Place

First Elk

John Currier – 3rd Place Place

Monster North Alabama Whitetail Deer

Tegan Macy – 4th Place

Ten Year Old Girl’s First Cow Elk

Shed Horn Hunting Competition

One of the outdoors’ great treasure hunts is looking for shed horns, a pursuit that takes both skill and perseverance. While anyone can find these trophies, successful shed horn hunters use knowledge and experience to hone in on areas most likely to reveal the spiky bounty.

Whether scouring the wind swept slopes where animals paused to warm and forage or searching along fence lines for a rack liberated from a leaping buck, shed-horn hunters know it is a special talent, if not an art.

Now, these enthusiasts not only can claim the shed horn itself but also the opportunity to win cash and other prizes in North American Hunting Competition’s Shed Horn category. The competition is open to anyone, anywhere. Just submit your entry for a chance to win!

Previous Winners

Shed Horn Competition 2017

Nick Haring – 1st Place Place

2017 Elk Shed Horn – 153 5/8

Shed Horn Competition 2016

William Wehler – 1st Place Place

2016 Rocky Mountain Shed Horn

Shed Horn Competition 2015

Carl Shaver – 1st Place

2015 National Mule Deer Shed – 78 0/8

Carl Shaver – 1st Place

2015 National Elk Shed – 150 7/8

Josh Hooley – 2nd Place

2015 National Elk Shed Contest – 140 4/8