Successful Youth Spring Bear Hunt

January 11, 2018

Youth spring bear hunting is a very special hunt. Many elements come into play. You’re taking out a young hunter with very little experience. In this case, Jakeob Barnett a fourteen-year-old is going on his first bear hunt. You’re hunting a very elusive and secretive predator that is extremely difficult to call and is rarely seen in good open country to spot and stalk. Spring is one of the best times to see bears in the open, munching on green grass during the green-up, trying to build up body fat after a long winter of hibernation.

Oregon Spring Bear HuntWe had a great hunt doing some calling with hand and electronic calls. Our calls try to mimic the sounds of a wounded calf elk or fawn mule deer. We did some still hunting in small openings mainly in the thick timber. Finally, glassing open grass ridges with timbered draws, trying to catch a bear feeding for a spot and stalk.

We had a great hunt with the flowers jumping up around us as the world was turning green. What an experience for not only Jakeob but for Kelly and myself to be a part of another North American Hunting Competition Adventure. We hope you enjoy the video and encourage everyone to take a youth into the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or just a stroll in the local park. It always seems right and worth the effort.

– Dave Seida – Owner, North American Hunting Competition