How To Field Dress A Buck #1

How To Field Dress A Buck #2

Senior Pro-staff Members Tim McBride & Greg Romans help North American by taking the time to make several video’s showing how to gut a deer in the field.  Both Pros have been hunting for years therefore they make this look easy.

How To Face Out A Trophy

Dusty Bourasa shows detailed method of taking the hide of your big game trophy to prepare it for your taxidermist. A must see for back country hunters. One of two in the Bourasa series. The other is how to cape.  *This video contains graphic content intended for hunters only.

How To Cape A Trophy

Dusty Bourasa shows how to cape a trophy for shoulder mount. This video goes in conjunction with how to face out your trophy.

How to Clean Rainbow Trout

For anyone who likes to fish for trout, salmon, or steelhead. This is a great way to learn techniques that most people don’t know. Watch as the owner of North American Hunting Competition demonstrates two different cleaning methods, and how to get the bones out of a cooked trout.  After you watch this video cleaning trout will forever seem easy.

How to Call Coyotes

This is a basic short video on equipment needed and basics on set ups to get you started with the sport of calling coyotes. It is based on a hunt with two professional callers and pro staff members Max & Ginger Maupin of Nevada. The end of this short educational video is a must see were Max calls in two dogs in one set to his wife.

How To Tube A Buck For Taxidermy

Senior Pro-staff Member Tim McBride and friends shows us how to tube a buck to prepare the buck for a trip to a taxidermist.

Scoring Tip & Field Judging Tips

Senior Pro-staff Member Tim McBride gives you an incredible tips on scoring trophies in the field with an item we all carry everyday. And he covers advanced field judging tips to help you find a trophy antelope.

Basic Tips on Morel Mushrooms

Every spring from late April to early June you can take to the woods and look for Morel mushrooms. It is a glorified Easter egg hunt and this is one of my favorite mushrooms to pick and eat. I find them in NE Oregon in areas that snow seems to leave late. They grow in the dark timber or in dark places that hold a lot of moisture.