The competition must be entered before the start of the hunting season for which trophy was taken. Except if the season runs through December 31, Rule 1 and 2 then may apply.

1. All entries for the yearly competition must be taken by December 31st of the year the competition was entered. Any trophies taken after Dec. 31st must be entered in the next year’s Competition. The Competition for the next year may be entered prior to the New Year.

2. If your hunt runs through Dec. 31st and the contest is entered in January of the New Year, you must have been entered 24 hours or one day before the trophy was taken.

3. All Entries will be given a confirmation number when competition is entered. That number must be submitted on the entry form to have a valid entry for the competition.

4. All Entries with a confirmation number will be entered into the free giveaways regardless of entering a trophy in the competition.

5. Winners for the free giveaways will be notified after March 31st of the following Year.

6. All Entries shall be scored in a Pope and Young, Boone and Crocket, or Safari Club International format done by an Official scorer, and must have a valid scorer’s signature. Any trained scorer using those formats may score the trophies. You may send in the above mentioned score sheets or you can copy one of our downloadable score sheets and the scorers may use them. All entries must be scored no sooner than sixty days from when animal was harvested, to allow for drying time. Any professional guides entered in the Guide only competitions may score their clients trophies without waiting for the drying period and they may score them themselves.

7. All Trophies will be entered with gross score only. With typical animals only the typical frame score may be entered.

8. To be eligible to enter Non-Typical you must have at least one abnormal or non-typical scoring point which has been entered into trophy’s score.

9. Gross Score is defined as the score before symmetry deductions are removed.

10. All trophies must be out of velvet to be entered into the competition unless you have entered a named velvet class Competition. IE Velvet Mule deer Utah.

11. No high fenced animals are allowed in the hunting competitions.

12. All animals may only be entered in one competition. You may not enter an animal in both typical and non-typical, you must choose only one category.

13. A Copy of the official scoring sheet, a photo of the animal in the field, and our entry form must be submitted no later than March 31st of the year following the competition.

14. All animals submitted for the competition will be ranked, and notification of that rank will be sent to the address on the entry form.

15. The top three entries in any one category will receive 25% pay back of all monies received for that category. Of the 25% the break down will be 50% to First Place, 35% to Second Place and 15% to Third Place, along with the prestige of your placing.

16. In case of a tie in the top three placings, the percentage in the tied spot will be split equally between the tied entries. If no entries are submitted for a competition all monies will revert to the company. If only one entry is entered it will receive all the money for the top three spots. No refunds or credits once competition is entered.

17. The other 75% of monies received will be used as overhead to fund, advertise and run the competition.

18. Payment to the winners will be sent no later than June 1st of the following year, the rest of the rankings will be sent out as soon as possible.

19. Any cheating will immediately disqualify entry and possible action will be issued as deemed necessary for monetary losses.

20. We have the rights to use all information given to us in the competition any way we choose. Although we retain the right to use the photos and the Information, we do not retain exclusive rights to any photos or information sent. Please get those stories and photos out there for all to enjoy, we don’t want to stand in your way.

21. All Trophies or entries into the competition must be taken according to fair chase rules and in accordance to all Laws in the state, province, or country being hunted.

22. Outfitters or guides: All above rules apply. You must be operating legally. Receive required information from client. Fill out the entry form, make sure your competition confirmation number, your personal name, and outfitting name or ranch, is present on the entry form.

23. We have the right to refuse entry to anyone in the competition.

24. North American Hunting Competition is not liable for any mental, physical or financial loss caused by competing in this competition. I acknowledge this and release North American Hunting Competition from any and all legal claims.