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North American Hunting Competition is for everyone who enjoys hunting and the great outdoors. We accept video and photo entries from anywhere around the world! Our big game hunting competitions are held in 48 states and all across North America.  State and National competitions are run separately from one another. This allows for many more opportunities to win!

So why not enter one of our competitions today? You may be surprised by how well you rank, and you’d certainly be happy to win. But to get in the hunt, you’ve got to participate. We hope you’re encouraged to enter today and also to spread the word about our contests—after all, more entrants mean larger cash prizes. Good luck and good hunting from all of us at NAHC.

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All Contestants Are Entered to Win Year End Prizes

A  Salmon  Fishing  Trip

From Jason Berg’s Hotline Guide Service


Guided  Oregon  Hunt

From High Lonesome Hunts

Proceeds From Our Competitions Help Support Charity and Conservation Projects

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        You first find out you have drawn the coveted once in a lifetime Oregon Bighorn Sheep tag and then the pressure starts to sets in. I will only draw this once. On top of that, most people who put in for this hunt, will try their entire life and never get it. You realize how truly blessed you are and a little pressure starts to form. From that day on, and everyday leading up to your hunt a few more drops of... Read More

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    Bear Hunt, Idaho Spring 2017 I had the opportunity to not only harvest my first bear, but to harvest my dream bear. A big solid black boar!!! It started a few months ago when a new neighbor of mine and I were talking about hunting and swapping pictures and he told me he was a big bear hunter to which I replied with “that has always been one of my dreams, to kill a big... Read More

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    Have you ever felt truly blessed? That’s how I feel as I sit and write this story. Deep in my heart I have felt compelled to hunt since the age of 6 or 7, even though my family did not hunt. That urge to hunt pulls at me all year long, and I think about and plan my hunts most of the year. I have drawn a few good tags, but it was never a... Read More

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