North American Hunting Competition

Missouri Whitetail 167 5/8

Tim McBride 10/23/13 Last Year's Drawing Winner Of The Fully Guided Elk Hunt! Enter Today! This Could Be You Next Year At High Lonesome Hunts!

Mike Macy 179 1/8 Californian Bighorn Deschutes River, Oregon

Pro Staff Austin Kincaid Great 2013 Oregon Blacktail!

Kent Seida Alaskan Caribou Aug 2013

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North American Hunting Competition - For Big Game Hunters

North American Hunting Competition is for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. We accept video and photo entries from anywhere around the world! Our big game competitions are held in 48 states and all across North America.  State, national, and guide competitions are run separately from one another. This allows for many more opportunities to win!  Enter our  competition today to win cash, valuable hunting merchandise, and free hunts! 

All entries must be scored in a Pope and Young, Boone and Crocket, or SCI style format to be valid.



1st Place Video Winner!

Chasse Orignal Moose Hunt Top Call

Québec Canada 2013!


Received 9531 votes

1st Place Photo Winner!

Kelly Trinchero - Roseburg, Oregon


Entry # 0287 "Youth Spring Turkey Hunt"

Received 2,015 Votes


Our Hunting Competition is About Fair Chase & Success!

Anyone can enter and have a chance of winning. 


Our big game hunting competitions include all the major species:

  • Whitetail deer
  • Muledeer
  • Blacktail deer
  • Coues deer
  • Sitka blacktail
  • Rocky mountain elk
  • Roosevelt elk
  • Moose
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Antelope
  • Dall sheep
  • Mountain goat
  • Caribou
  • Black bear








All hunting methods are welcome.Traditional bows to modern compounds like Matthew’s, PSE, or Hoyt. Crossbows and modern firearms like Winchester, Ruger or Browning. You may be into more traditional methods. You can compete with your old Hawkins or your new Thomson center in line. From round ball to belted sabot everyone is welcome and everyone has a chance.


 From all of us at North American Hunting Competition, good luck, and good hunting!

2013 Big Game Hunting Competiton Winners - Coming Soon!

  • Hunting season ends - 12/31/13
  • All 2013 entries must be scored & recieved by 3/31/14
  • Choice winners will be posted in April


• Cash prizes awarded to the top three in each competition
• Win a free guided hunt, hunting gear & other prizes

Win a FREE elk hunt!

 Includes: Transportation, meals, lodging, 1 guide per 2 hunters, beds, packing & care of game & capes.

For further details, click here.


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